A new beginning!

Feb 9 2015

First entry into our online Diary!

Today we practically finished our first fundraising brochure. We will use it to kick-start our project, so that the monetary aspect will not be felt as a burden at this phase, where many other thing are keeping us busy. This small publication contains an adapted copy of our project proposal to Auroville, some background about Urban Farming in other realities across the globe, along pictures of our progresses so far.

Tomorrow we will present the project to the Farm Group, the collective of farmers of Auroville, seeking feedback and their support. We hope that the collaboration will start along all people who have the will and the resources to help empowering Aurovilians through self-production.

We are a bit nervous about entering the political realm of the community, but so far many of those who will sit at the meeting showed interest in the project, and some came to see the vegetable garden giving precious advices to improve our work.

Anyway, we will have the chance to pick up a basket of 40 lettuce seedlings to plant on the first floor of the Citadine building. Loving these exchanges!

We really hope to manage to continue to update this page!


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