Summer is coming!

April 13th 2015

Its getting hot!!

As Auroville is turning hot with the advent of summer, more energies are now going into fundraising efforts and into organising our activities for the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons. When some of the above will be ready we will publish them here!

Recently we have been working with different people and groups, to help to organise a wider movement of Urban Farming in Auroville.  So as we concentrate on the city centre, some other friends are gathering energies to promote this sort of approach to other settlements within the Auroville Area. 

Meanwhile we have kept planting fruit trees, adding drip-irrigation lines to nurture these new trees. Also we received some Corn plants (6 plants), from a Mexican friend volunteering in Pebble Garden; We will make sure they grow well and save their seeds, hoping this variety proves to be able to adapt well and perhaps enhance the nutritional biodiversity of the place.

Also our experimentation with medicinal plants has grown a bit, as our friend Kayananda has planted some Brahmi (bacopa monnieri). We are now looking for somebody interested in taking on the medicinal aspect of the project, nurturing, documenting and establishing collaborations.

We would like to thank all the people who have helped us in the last weeks, to name some of them Alain, Tomoko, Andrew who helped us to plant fruit trees and Arjan who provided us with a lot of interesting material to share. A particular thank to Nurlan, who showed a very strong interest in the project and offered his precious support!

Here are some pictures from our last days, just a taste of our daily life.

Also, at the bottom, our map that describes the different zones of work in the city centre according to Permaculture zone analysis. The lower the number the higher the frequency of visit/use, and vice-versa.

Finally here below is Luigi presenting seedlings of “Progress” (Catharanthus). 
Mother’s comment: "The reason why we are on Earth". 
These will be added to the landscape of Citadines as they are researching on the connection of Mother with flowers. "Progress" should help us to lay the foundation for the future of the city centre!

One Love, 
Ricky, for the Urban Farming city centre team!

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