We are official!

March 10th - 2015
Hello everyone!

Long time since our last post, we are starting to realize that it will be difficult to update this blog on a regular basis for as long as we don't have a dedicated person, and times be so busy.

Anyhow we have big news!

We have gone to different working groups in Auroville, the farm and forest groups, and they showed appreciation to the project and offered their support. This means we have the green-go to slowly approach our various partners, along the suggestions we received to initiate collaborations with both farmers and foresters to being their energy into the city center. 

We have almost completed all the formalities to be able to host volunteers, so there is a new page in the blog about how to volunteer with us. Check it out!

Last Sunday we also hosted a tour of the project, where some 35 people came to see what we have done so far, the vision, the scope and the future action plan. We received many positive comments and suggestions, along a few offers of help.

Four people came the day after to plant some fruit trees, and thanks to them we have 1 lemon, 3 Chikkus (sapodilla) and 1 guava, 1 super tasty mango 'Bagan Pali' in the area between 'La Maison des Jeunes' and the main SAIIER building.

Very Important announcement!
Our dear friend Gino is back, and he's joining the project with a great spirit!
With his experience he will probably take on the more educational side of the project, leading tours, classes and explaining to our volunteers, guests and residents the reasons behind we chose to work in these ways.

So as you all can see its been busy, hectic and challenging, but the joy that we are experiencing along the appreciation of the local residents shows us that we are indeed on the right track.

One Love

for the Urban Farming team!

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  1. Very well guys, finally the long awaited moment and now it is starting to be operational!
    I'm a little sad not to be there with you physically, but morally they are always there ...
    As soon as possible we will also publish the news on BIOsCAMBIO!
    Greetings to all and Gino who returned there to help you and I do not know yet but I hope to know at least online :)
    Dhartisatra (alias mimmo)